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Cake Delights

Cake Bars

Individual servings of cake, frosted and packaged in convenient containers with lids and sporks! Flavors will vary – and they are our answer to mini cake cravings. Perfect for 1 or 2 if you want to share, but they’ll also last a couple of days saved in it’s original container.

$6.00 – regular
$6.75 – gluten free



Brownie Bars

Brownie Bar

Our Brownie Bars are back!!! Available for walk-ins in classic, topped with powdered sugar and a cosmic fudge version. Fudgy chocolatey goodness, pop them in the microwave for 5 -10 seconds for the perfect pick-me-up!



Blondie Bar


The rich vanilla flavors of our classic blondie bars make just eating one a difficult endeavor!



Cookie Cakes

For the ultimate cookie lover who is not a fan of cakes – we have just the right celebration treat for you!

Customize your cookie flavor, frosting color, message color, and message. 


Here is the inside scoop –

  • 8″ diameter, assorted flavors
  • Fresh Baked to order
  • Chewy, soft baked and yet firm enough to cut
  • Customize with message